Oriental Rugs

Red and blue oriental rugIf you are looking for a comprehensive range of beautiful hand-crafted oriental rugs then look no further than AR Carpets and rugs of Exeter.

Marvel at our beautiful oriental rug collection. Each piece is individually selected to ensure the highest quality for your home. Be it Persian, Afghan, Pakistani or Indian we have the perfect hand- crafted rug waiting to be discovered by you.

AR Carpets and rugs of Exeter have over 20 years’ experience in the hand-knotted oriental rug market. Is it a Persian Shiarl, Afghan Kazak, Pakistan Bokhara, Indian Mahi or even a fine Persian silk you are looking for? Well look no further than the helpful and informed team at AR Carpets and rugs of Exeter. With a large selection in stock and access to thousands more we can cater to your oriental rug needs. One of our beautiful hand-crafted vegetable dyed and individually selected rugs can become the dazzling floor art for your home.


Our Persian rug collection at AR Carpets and rugs of Exeter are brought to you from all the word renowned Persian rugs centres in Iran. Beautiful Persian rugs have been produced in cities such as Nain, Kashan, Karman and Shiraz for centuries to the highest standard.

So if you are looking for the stunning tribal designs found in a Persian Shiraz or the breath taking ivory and blues complimented by the silk accents in the Persian Nain, let our knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect Persian rug for your home and dazzle all that see it.


Red Afghan rug in a living roomAt AR Carpets and rugs of Exeter we have a stunning range of Afghan rugs and carpets ready to enthral and light up your living space. We have the beautiful Caucasian design, vibrantly coloured
Afghan Kazaks or perhaps if you are after a classical Afghan Ziegler with their 19th Century designs, we are sure our professional team can find a show stopping Afghan rug for your home. From Bolouchs to Aqchas in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

Come in store or contact us via phone or email to marvel at our Afghan collection.


It was about during the around 16th century that rug weaving arrived in India. It was introduced by the Persian empire and for this reason most Indian rugs are imitations of world renowned Persian designs. During the Safavid dynasty the Persian government sent master weavers to train their Indian counterparts. Today the Indian rug weavers produce some of the most stunning hand knotted rugs. You have the fine Indo-heriz with its bold geometric design or the fine Mahi-tabriz with its stunning intricate patterns finished beautifully with silk accents.

One of our beautiful Indian oriental rugs can transform any room with its shear beauty. Cone in store or contact us via phone or email to browse these stunning Indian rugs.


Beautiful Oriental rugPakistan is the 4th largest producer of oriental rugs in the world. Today much the same as their neighbour India, Pakistan can trace its rug weaving back to the 16th century Persian empire. However Pakistani rugs are distinct in their own right today with a wide use of designs from Caucasus Bokhara and Afghanistan alongside a preference towards using few colours.

Our helpful staff at AR Carpets and rugs of Exeter will be able to help you find the perfect Pakistani rug for your setting. Be it the stunning Bokhara and its almost silk like appearance or bold geometric design of the Karagayee. We can assist you in finding a dazzling Pakistani rug to finish your room. Helping you find the perfect oriental rug is our passion at AR Carpets and rugs of Exeter. Come in store, call or email and we can assist you in finding your own unique hand-crafter stunning oriental rug.


Personalised Viewing

As well as a large stock of oriental rugs we have access to thousands more beautiful pieces in all shapes and sizes waiting to arrive and complete your room. Contact our knowledgeable staff today with your specifications and we will seek out suitable pieces and them bring them to your home, or you can view in store, for a personalised viewing. This is a no obligation service available to all at AR Carpets and rugs of Exeter.

Our home try out service is available with all our fantastic range of oriental rugs. Contact our team today to use this service and we will be more than happy to help.