Stoke Fleming Village Hall Oriental Rug Sale - Saturday 12-05-2018

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Oriental Rug Sale - Saturday 12-05-2018 - Stoke Fleming Village Hall

We at AR CARPETS & RUGS are pleased to announce our second huge Oriental rug sale this Saturday 12-05-18 at Stoke Fleming Village Hall.

We would be delighted to see you there and to be able to showcase our vast Oriental rug ranges to you.

Be it Persian, Afghan, Indian or a Pakistani rug you would like to see we have all rug bases covered.

As well as our beautiful Oriental Rugs we also have a large selection of Oriental rug books for you to browse at your leisure.

New for this sale, we have our fantastic rug anti-skid in stock and ready to go as well as 2 beautiful cow skins.

So why not come and join us on Saturday and meet our lovely team and marvel at our beautiful rugs.

Andrew Reeves