Twist carpets available in Exeter

POSTED: 21 Jul 2018 in Latest News | Permalink

With so many carpets out there it is hard to know which one if for you, so here at AR carpets & rugs of Exeter we'd to give you as much help as possible to find the right carpet for you. 

A twist pile carpet is named as such because it's made by several strands of yarn being litterally twsted together to form the pile. The more yarn used in this twist and denser and more hard wearing the carpet can be keeping it looking fresh for longer in those heavy traffic areas. A looser twist can give the carpet and softer feel under foot to keep the luxoury where you want it. With each twist being unconnected to the others it helps make the carpet that little bit more animal friendly and coming in polypropylne as well can be bleach cleanable. Here at AR carpets & rugs of Exeter we have a massive range of twist carpets from thinner entry level 30 oz polypropylne to 70 oz 80/20 wool provided by Cormar or Penthouse. 

For any more information or any advice please don't be afraid to ask our helpful staff here at AR carpets and rugs of Exeter.